Dice Rolling for your iPhone

ShakinDice is a random number generator for iPhone and iPod Touch.

It's been primarily designed to work with games needing dice or any other random number generator. But you can actually use it for any case where you need a random integer value.


Compatible with iPhone & iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

What's new in version 1.2?

  • Improved usability.
  • Coin flipping as a pre-defined game.
  • ... I've learnt it's "one die/two dice".
  • And still all the new features from version 1.1
    • A brand new user interface that's been heavily redesigned.
    • You can now generate double numbers.
    • Configuring your own settings is easier.
    • Pre-defined settings.

Features Tour

  • Shake your device to generate random numbers.
  • Use this application when you don't have dice to play games or just put your actual dice in the trash anyway, you won't need them anymore
  • ShakinDice can help you in any situation where you need chance: generate random numbers for a lottery, or some coin flipping to decide who's in charge of picking up a movie for tonight.
  • The background color changes with every new shake.
  • When you shake, you can even hear the actual sound of a dice roll.
  • You can generate up to 9 different numbers each time, in two different and settings-independent sets.
  • The random numbers you generate are integer values from 1 to 99 maximum.
  • ShakinDice include default settings for common games needing random numbers generation.
  • Your favorite game is not included in the default set? Why don't you ask the support to add it in the next version?
  • You can also fully configure each of the 2 sets of generated numbers of the application manually.

  • Generating true randomness is a difficult problem and the ShakinDice application uses some state of the art algorithms to do so! ShakinDice is a non-linear, additive feedback, random number generator!